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Getting Beneath Your Organisational Iceberg

Andrew Roberts / 2018-05-02 5 0

The cultural aspects of an organisation can often be described as an iceberg. The most visible culture of an organisation is at the tip above the water’s surface with the invisible day to day culture lurking beneath the surface.

This analogy demonstrates the difficulties that management have in assessing the health and well-being of an organisation outside of the standard metrics, KPIs and visible culture that is more clearly visible.

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Engage Your Customers & Your Employees

Kym Darragh / 2018-02-18 5 0

Happy customers have long been the most important thing in most businesses. Recently, though employers are starting to understand the increasing importance of having happy employees. Happy employees make for happy customers which makes a happy employer. Not that customer service isn’t important, but is it more important than happy employees? Latest research shows that engaged employees are more likely to be happier, work harder and take less time off.

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Why You Should Ditch the Annual PDR

Andrew Roberts / 2017-08-11 5 0

Annual employee 'Professional Development Reviews' (or PDRs for short) are well established in most organisations. Characterised by a rush of activity at the beginning of the year to align to company and individual performance goals and then hasteily completed or fudged at the year end. A 2016 CEB survey found that 9 out of 10 HR Leaders felt that annual reviews did not accurately reflect the performance of employees. Some prominent organisations have already decided to ditch the forced ranking system and yearly overhead which have come to be associated with PDRs.

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